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Champion Your Health!

Whether you need guidance navigating the health care maze or want to better understand your health situation, call for a

FREE 15 minute consultation

on how you can start your

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You may have noticed.....

Our health care system has grown into a complicated, tangled web of services, providers, treatment options, research, drugs, insurance plans, and bills.   


Furthermore, when dealing with health challenges, facing tough medical decisions, or simply trying to find answers, you could use an advocate at your side.


Fortunately, a new movement has taken hold – the private patient advocate.

What's a Private Patient Advocate?

A private patient advocate is a peace-of-mind creator.   She is an independent adviser who is deeply experienced in today's world of  health care and medical insurance. She is also well-versed in how too many of us struggle to find reliable information and workable, affordable solutions.

As YOUR private patient advocate, I serve as a guide to longer-lasting well-being for you and your family.

What I do is:

  • Stand with you in the midst of confusion when dealing with the system

  • Support your choices, and make sure they are carried out

  • Speak up when things don’t seem right

  • Provide the information you need to help you make your OWN decision

  • Offer an unbiased, unemotional point-of-view of the situation

  • Provide a second set of eyes / ears

  • Ask questions and takes notes during medical visits

  • Reinforce / reinterpret instructions of medical staff                               

Why Hire Guiding Well-Being?

Serving as your private patient advocate, Guiding Well-Being navigates you through the confusing – and often frustrating – medical maze by helping you get answers, find direction and, ultimately, gain peace of mind.   We know health care and how to get things done.


We are impartial when dealing with the family, insurance companies and health care providers. Our loyalty is to you – and ONLY to you. 


Guiding Well-Being can help guide you through your journey to better health … more quickly … more effectively … and more efficiently than you can do it alone. We help you navigate the health care system – and avoid the not-so-obvious pitfalls. 

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Guiding Well-Being

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A Sampling of
What People Say

Meeting Veronica was "life-changing" for me. I was having terrible symptoms, which my doctors brushed off as "getting older."... Veronica suggested I get a complete thyroid evaluation. I had no idea how to go about this but she located several functional medicine doctors ... I'm feeling better every day!

~ Robin, Danbury CT

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