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About Veronica

Photo of Veronica Petta, private patient advocate

I hold a Masters in Food, Nutrition & Dietetics from New York University and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Lafayette College.


I am member of the 

Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.

Logo for Alliance of Professional Health Advocates in whch Veronica Petta holds membership

Hello! I’m Veronica Petta, a private patient advocate and the President of Guiding Well-Being.  

Anyone who knows me would say I’m a passionate advocate for healthy living. My goal is to champion YOU to take a more proactive role in improving your health and well-being so you can live a longer, healthier life.

While running a successful marketing communications business, I identified an overlooked and growing need in the health care marketplace, where consumer-recognized needs and wants were not currently being met. Fortunately, the complexity of our health care system has given rise to a new professional: the patient advocate.

As a private patient advocate, I focus ONLY on you, and I work to save you time and money – AND to alleviate the stress. Whether you need guidance navigating the increasingly complex, expensive and technologically-driven health care maze, or want to better understand your health situation and treatment options, I can help you start your healing journey.

My passion is preventive and alternative care … as well as medical mysteries, of which I am one! Having a near fatal accident in my twenties … and more recently challenged with a chronic environmentally acquired illness, I became motivated to become a patient advocate. I don’t want people to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars like I did … and years searching for answers!

Often, I am compelled to take a different, more holistic approach to solving health issues. From my perspective, I feel it is no longer acceptable to simply address symptoms when uncovering underlying triggers and the root cause of illness could lead to greater healing and health.

​My most heartfelt intention is to champion you to take a more proactive role in improving your health and well-being so that you can enjoy your family, your friends and your life at the fullest.

Veronica's Relevant Past Professional Experience

Prior to Guiding Well-Being, I was the President of Blair Communications, an award-winning communications agency, established in 2000. My unprecedented accuracy and success rate earned me clients such as Nationwide Insurance, Ashland Global Specialty Chemicals, Inc., Senior Independence Home Health and Hospice, Wendy’s International, and Abbott Laboratories.


Serving as a technical writer, I wrote several books, including an interactive historical e-book for Nationwide Insurance, documenting the company’s first Big Data initiative. I created numerous white papers and case studies promoting the value of customer analytics.

Additionally, I am proud to have held a national byline “Healthy Eating” for Family Circle Magazine and developed recipes in their test kitchen. More recently I authored a book on integrative medicine, directed to patients and health professionals.


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