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Robin in Danbury:

Meeting Veronica was life-changing for me. I was having terrible symptoms, which my doctors brushed off as "getting older." I was napping a few hours a day, and never had energy to get my daily tasks done. Plus, the weight kept piling on. I felt helpless!

Veronica suggested I get a complete thyroid evaluation. I had no idea how to go about this but she located several functional medicine doctors in my area. I had the complete thyroid testing done and she was right!


All my conventional doctors used the basic thyroid tests, and said my thyroid labs were normal. However, with the complete evaluation, my doctor found there was a problem not only with my thyroid but with my adrenal system as well.

He put me on the correct medication and I'm feeling better every day! My weight is coming off now and I hardly ever feel like I need a nap. My days are much fuller – and I owe it all to Veronica!

~ Robin, Danbury CT

Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen in Delaware, OH

Veronica is a health fighter to the max!   Many times, she has tactfully tackled the medical bureaucracy – the administrative staff, the nurses and the doctors – to get to the point and advice she needed. 

Also, I'm impressed with how up-to-date Veronica is on health topics. She “researches” constantly. She listens to podcasts, reads books and magazines, and keeps abreast of emerging treatments by following different doctors, researchers and experts.

Veronica is a long-time client of mine who has become a special friend. I've seen how her own health challenges have made her advocacy for others grow stronger through the years.

I am so thankful she has cared so much about me to share some of her vast
knowledge about nutrition and alternative medicine. She has shown me how
to champion myself with my doctors!

~ Mary Ellen, Delaware OH

The FTC requires that you know that the testimonials above are unique to each client and dependent on the decisions and efforts they have made regarding their health care. Your results will vary depending on your situation, and the amount of time and effort you personally commit.

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