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Guiding Well-Being Services

What We Do for You and in What Way

Guiding Well-Being services are individualized and based on YOUR needs. Our interactions might be as minimal as making a phone call or accompanying you to a doctor’s visit, OR as extensive as researching your medical condition and treatment options. We might review your insurance plan, explain Medicare, point you towards educational resources, locate the right health practitioner or interpret doctors' orders, prescriptions, and bills.

In short, what we do depends on what you need.

We Help You Navigate the Maze

  • Educate you on the different types of patient care

  • Decipher medical bills and health insurance plans

  • Work beside you to select the right insurance and formulary plans

  • Get your caregivers communicating — with each other and with you

  • Help you double check covered and uncovered situations and expenses

  • Locate objective, trustworthy and useful information you need

We Keep YOU Center Stage

  • Ask the right questions so you can get the right answers

  • Find the right doctors; set up patient portals

  • Prepare you for (and accompany you to) medical appointments

  • Facilitate doctor-patient conversations

  • Explain medical terms, diagnosis, and treatment options in easy-to-understand language

  • Educate you on alternative and preventive care options

  • Locate reliable trustworthy resources on the web

We Uncover Medical Errors

  • Identify medical, hospital and billing errors: duplicate charges, canceled tests or procedures, incorrect patient information, upcoding charges, unbundling charges, balance billing when in-network, incorrect quantity of medications, and errors reflecting operating room and anesthesia time

  • Handle complaints and negotiate bills when obvious errors have been made

  • Attempt to prevent errors overall

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